Ace the Exams With Advanced IRAC Techniques.

Case briefings won't help on your final exams if you can't write properly. Get an advantage by learning tips and strategies. 

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Here's What You'll Learn

Issue Spotting.

Learn techniques to spot the key issues. If you can't spot the issues, you will not perform the necessary analysis. 

Major Issue Discussion.

This is where your major points come from. Know how to manage these issues. 


Many students don't use, or don't properly use, counterarguments. Know the art of applying counterarguments. 


This is one area that too many students miss points on. Even at the bar exam level. Know the techniques. 

Outlining Strategies.

Know how to perform a winning outline. Many times your grade can be determined at this stage.  

Timing Techniques.

Don't run out of time. Instead, learn how to use time to your advantage. 


How does a case relate to the exam? 


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